How To Fix Installing Drivers Failed on Easy FRP Tool

On this page, we have shared the tutorial about fixing the installing driver failed on Easy FRP Tool 2020 v1, v2, and v2.7. Not only Easy FRP Tool but also any FRP Tool's driver installing issues can fix this tutorial.

Disable Driver Signature Enforcement

  1. Go to Windows settings (press the Windows key, then search Setting)
  2. For Windows 11: click on the Windows Update > Advanced Option > Recovery > Advanced startup (Restart Now). For Windows 10: click on the Update and Security > Recovery > Advanced startup (Restart Now).
  3. After clicking on the Restart Now button, your PC will restart to the recovery menu automatically. Now click on the Troubleshoot menu.
  4. Now, click on the Advanced Option > Start-up Setting > Then, Restart.
  5. After restarting again, click 7 on the keyboard.
  6. In this step, your PC will restart automatically by fixing the driver installing failed issue.

Video Tutorial:

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